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2020 Riesling "James Gang Reserve"

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Clean honey crisp apple and white peach flavors. Dry cider-like finish.

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Riesling is an old-world wine grape that is incredibly influenced by the terroir it is grown in. This leads to a wide array of sweetness from a dry Riesling to a dessert Riesling and everything in between. Germany’s Rhine region is famous for their Riesling. We source our Riesling grapes from our neighboring Monterey countywith its ideal high winds, dry daysand bay fogs that provide the ideal environment for this cool-climate varietal. 

Our Riesling is off-dry. It has slight sweetness without high residual sugars. This wine is light bodied, light acidity, and perfumed aromatics. Creamy mouthfeel.

This Riesling has clean honey crisp apple and white peach flavors. It has a dry cider-like finish. This wine is anything but too sweetIt is the refreshing and thirst-quenching especially in the sizzling summer afternoons.    

Food Pairings: Try with spicy green papaya salad, peanut pad Thai with shrimp, classic yellow curry with chicken. Pairs well with apple, bacon and jalapeno stuffed pork tenderloin. Try with Cajun jambalayas, gumbos, and etouffee. Pairs perfectly with a mild Swiss, a young Cheddar, or a Jack Cheese.


Wine Profile

Vintage 2020
Varietal Riesling
Appellation Monterey County
Alcohol % 11.2
Size Bottle